Sunday, January 30, 2011

Savitrine Glassworks at TAP Gallery April 2011

My journey as an artist has been long, somewhat meandering and often postponed. Inspired by Japanese contemporary printmaking I have been carving woodblocks and producing drypoint etchings. Recently I discovered glass and am now a passionate glass addict! Glass is a medium that exists in dichotomies – ancient and contemporary, ethereal and solid, transparent and opaque, mysterious and revealing yet above all timeless. I love to experiment with colours, patterns and layers to reveal hidden images – truly through the looking glass and into a wonderland of functional and beautiful pieces.
Glass fusing is technically challenging and there is not a kiln opening without holding my breath before seeing what has developed. There is a fine line between success and failure but that is part of the addiction - to keep pushing not only the boundaries of the medium but also my creative vision.
I am inspired by a broad range of influences, in particular the natural world around me and my recent body of work has focused on exploring my own self and spirituality.

My first gallery show is as part of the Spirit exhibition at TAP Gallery, 278 Palmer Street, Sydney, from April 5 - 10 2011. Four pieces - Ganesh, Mudra, Wheels of Life and The Watcher of the Skies. Photographs above.

Kiln fired (Spectrum 96) glass
36 x 36 cm, Framed 54 x 54 cm
The Lord of Obstacles and The Lord of Beginnings. A balance between power and beauty.
Price: $420.00

Mudra (Girl in a Blue Dress)
Kiln fired (Spectrum 96) glass
36 x 36 cm, Framed 54 x 54 cm
In Chin Mudra the connection of thumb and
index finger allows the flow of energy back into
the body, opening up the chest and heart.
The Girl in the Blue Dress is meditating for the world.
Price: $420.00

The Watcher of the Skies
Kiln fired (Spectrum 96) glass, 8 sliced pattern bars
8 bars 10 x 1 cm, Framed 805 x 135 cm
Price: $310.00

“At that hour when all things have repose,
O lonely watcher of the skies,
Do you hear the night wind and the sighs
Of harps playing unto Love to unclose
The pale gates of sunrise?

When all things repose, do you alone
Awake to hear the sweet harps play
To Love before him on his way,
And the night wind answering in antiphon
Till night is overgone?

Play on, invisible harps, unto Love,
Whose way in heaven is aglow?
At that hour when soft lights come and go,
Soft sweet music in the air above
And in the earth below.”

James Joyce, Chamber Music III, 1906

Wheels of Life
Kiln fired (Spectrum 96) glass, 8 sliced pattern bars
8 bars 10 x 1 cm, Framed 255 x 180 cm
Price: $310.00

The Chakras spin releasing the kundalini within,
aspiring to a higher self and consciousness.