Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Top Hat Vase

What I love about glass fusing is the constant experimentation and challenges. This could, and should, have been a graceful vase with a curved base and just flat enough to stand on its own. Really all it took was 30 minutes too long or 30 degrees C too hot (for too long?) and instead of a vase it is a Top Hat Bowl. It is perfectly functional and a really vibrant blue and is really cheap!! If it doesn't sell it will get broken up and recycled into a mosaic plate. If you want to 'save' it be quick - wont be for sale in December!!

Mondrian Jewellery Box

More attempts at upgrading old things and making them more appealing. This old jewellery box had a hideous panel in its window. I cut a series of rectangles and assembled a la Mondrian. The fused panel is clipped in and the box looks cleaner and more interesting. Perfect for ear rings and small bracelets.

With jewellers to the left of me, jewellers to the right of me, jewellers in front of me, boldly I ride into the valley of Paddington Markets each week (with abject apologies to Tennyson). Surely some jewellery buyer will want something solid and safe to put his/her jewels into?

Wish Sticks - All that glitters

"Fortune is like glass - the brighter the glitter, the more easily broken"
Publilius Syrus

WISH sticks
Make a wish, say a prayer or have a dream!
Hang this magic wand in a window or outside and as it sparkles so may your wish come true.
(No guarantee that it will work but you will have a unique and beautiful piece of handmade glass art.)


Wish sticks are handmade fetishes used for wishes and prayers of your liking. These are also made with individuality and no two are exactly the same. Make your wish and hang the glass wand inside or outside while you focus on your intentions.
When considering purchasing fetishes, talismans, and similar items, it is best to pick out the ones that stand out to you most for a better connection. It is also true that personalizing your items by adding symbols, designs, or altering them in subtle ways creates a more expressive and effective bond between you and is generally recommended. 

Often used in pagan/wicca circles these glass wish sticks are unique and beautiful pieces of glass art. If your wishes and dreams come true and your prayers are answered then all the better!!

On sale ($15.00) at Paddington Markets, 10:00 to 17:00, Saturdays, rain or shine.