Thursday, April 4, 2013

The glint of light on broken glass....

"Don't tell me the moon is shining: show me the glint of light on broken glass"
Anton Chekhov

Well it wont be broken but cut glass glinting in the light. I have finally upgraded from my tile saw to the Gemini Apollo Ring Saw and picked it up from Gordon and Sally at Divine Glass, Canberra. It is long overdue as I have lost (wasted) about a third of my pattern bar blocks because the tile saw blade is almost thicker than the bars I am cutting. It was also great to finally meet G & S - a really delightful couple and I would recommend their store unreservedly.

So, now I need to get cutting, re-fusing and slumping. The piece below is from the Spectrum website and is a really beautiful inspiration. I may not make a patterned fish for a while but the Apollo is flexible enough to free-form cut so no reason why I shouldn't have a fish on a plate!!

The Markets buyers will certainly go for pattern bar pieces -  they are actually a very discerning lot. 
I am hoping by end June to have pattern bars, pot melts, reactives, glass 'etchings' and "Australiana" making up over 75% of the pieces for sale. I'll explain Australiana in a future post....not as kitsch a it sounds!! I think that offering out of the ordinary functional and aesthetic pieces will keep the sales ticking over. So far it has been a good start to the year.