Friday, October 7, 2011

Baffled, bemused and bewildered

Having launched the Savitrine Glassworks online gallery and shop I was reflecting on how far I have come in 18 months and the techniques I have developed and the experiments I have tried to produce different glass pieces. I figure that there are 8 techniques I use often and am (relatively) confident in employing. It got me thinking about what else I have seen and read about. I counted over 40 so that means I am about 20% there. Not bad really!!
So here they all are;

  1. Fire Polishing
  2. Tack Fusing
  3. Full Fusing
  4. Metal inclusions
  5. Mould making (definitely need more practice!!)
  6. Glass Paint & Mica
  7. Glass Chalk and Clay
  8. Cold Combing
  9. Hot Combing
  10. Freeze and Fuse
  11. Foam Glass
  12. Making my own Art Glass sheets
  13. Stack Firing
  14. Pattern Bars
  15. Deep Casting and Layering
  16. Kiln Carving
  17. Pate de Verre
  18. Kiln Casting
  19. Wafers & Cookies
  20. Sandblasting
  21. Acid Etching
  22. Murrini
  23. Pot Melts
  24. Woven Glass & Coral Bowls
  25. Raku Glass a la Lundstrom
  26. Laminating
  27. Glass and Print
  28. Multi Layering
  29. Deliberate Bubbles
  30. Paperweights
  31. Frit balls, Frit Gardens
  32. Photographic Decals
  33. Mosaic
  34. Stringer Bowls
  35. Enamels & Lustres
  36. Crackle Glass
  37. Pressed Glass
  38. Vitrigraph Stringers
  39. Vertical Pattern Bars
  40. Reactive Glass
  41. Stained Glass (using fused panels)
  42. Fossil Vitra (using organic material)
No wonder I am bemused and bewildered!! Over the next 12 months I want to try the next 32 techniques and push my work so that I develop a distinctive style and improve my design process.

The good news is that I am starting to sell pieces and putting money aside to get a sandblaster and bigger kiln. It's all a bit like the church steeple fund - one day I'll get there and can set up a permanent studio at Daramalan and I will have the confidence to enter competitions and contact galleries.